I became a Mum at the beginning of 2014 and it has been the most amazing and positive experience of my life so far. My ultimate goal was to bring my passion for health and fitness together with my lifestyle as a Mum. This led me to begin Fit Women Bayside, fitness for women, specialising in postnatal training offering mother and baby fitness classes. 


I hold a Certificate III & IV in Fitness - Master Trainer, along with further studies in Pregnancy and Postnatal Training. I am also a Pilates trainer and have completed studies in Nutrition. I believe health and fitness are the foundations to a happy life. Exercise increases my energy, makes me feel strong and provides a sense of achievement to my day which I find even more worthwhile now as a Mum.


I aim to provide an opportunity for Mums to come together in a supportive environment and regain their pelvic floor and core strength while exercising the whole body. My sessions vary from week to week always providing a full body workout. They are suitable to all fitness levels aimed at building strength (especially the core and pelvic floor) and cardio that is safe based on your recovery and fitness level. I am hands on with the babies when needed - I am always up for a cuddle or can jump in and push the pram etc to help you get the most out of your session!